What comes in our mind when we think about INNER PEACE ?

A natural scenario where smooth water flowing down the river, blooming flowers, singing birds ?

I personally believe that external peace and calmness do not have anything to do with your inner peace. I have seen some people hustling 16 hours a day and are very happy with their life. They are living their choice, focused in their respective fields. Moreover, they are focusing on the progress and getting motivated with the time.

In other hand, people of age group 15-25 are facing mental issues. Although most of the teenagers are sitting with no active works, that’s because of the pandemic, but they are feeling restless. They are worrying about their career. They are not getting the proper motivation so that they get inspired for utilizing their leisure time. Due to COVID-19 the government has imposed lockdown for several months, which has led to depression of many young aged people. They are lacking inner peace. They need proper guidance.

In this condition, parents can play vital role by helping them to find the source of inspiration. They should find some tasks that will keep them busy, which will be fruitful in coming days. Keeping oneself involved in related tasks can improve mental health as well. Also, there should be critical thought process about the projects they are involved in. This will certainly help to overcome mental problems and find peace.

Stay home, stay safe.

Navin .

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